Smokey Jones

Adventures in Backyard BBQ!


I’m not sure how you stumbled upon this site, but thanks for stopping by! I’m Smokey Jones, a backyard BBQ enthusiast and I have only recently discovered the joy and happiness that can be found in cooking meat in a smoker!1st Ever Pork Butt

Here you’ll find what I’ve cooked in my smoker, as well as any tips I may have and my failures so that you can avoid them. I also have some friends that will be contributing their efforts, and the great thing about their contributions is that one uses an electric smoker while another uses a Big Green Egg, so hopefully we will have a great variety of tips and tricks for anyone to use!

By no means are we professional pitmasters, nor do we claim to be, but we do enjoy the fruits of our labor, and we hope that you find some useful information here.